At the end of this year we say farewell to staff who will not be here in 2018. I would like to thank the following staff who have contributed positively to our school and students learning over their time at Deer Park West. We say farewell to: Mrs Henley (ES), Mrs Aspros (ES), Miss Bonfa (Visual Arts), Mrs Martin (Performing Arts) and classroom teachers, Miss Davies and Mr Decker.


A special farewell to Mrs Micallef and Mr Belbruno. Both staff have been at Deer Park West for many years. Thank you to Mrs Micallef for organising book fairs and ensuring that students have many great books to read and learn from. All the best in your retirement. Thank you also to Mr Belbruno for coordinating sports activities and programs for our school. This has included Interschool Sport, programs with SEDA students, Athletics and Cross Country, just to name a few. We wish you all the best next year.


We also want to say farewell to our students who are moving out of the Deer Park area. We trust that you have learnt a lot at Deer Park West Primary School and that our school values will serve you well into the future.


A special mention to our Year 6 students who move onto Secondary School. We enjoyed your Year 6 Graduation and celebrating your achievements during your primary education.